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OK City Teen Held In Sister’s Death

A 13-year-old Oklahoma City teen is being held in connection with his baby sister’s death.

According to reports, on August 16 Crystian Rivera, 13, was babysitting his almost 10-month-old sister, Linda Beletzuy, for several hours.

Rivera told police he shook his sister because she wouldn’t stop crying after she fell and she distracted him while he was playing his video game. She then continued to cry after the incident, until she fell asleep.

The girl was hospitalized last Tuesday and died early last Friday of severe brain injuries. She had a fractured skull and blood clots compressing her brain.

The parents allegedly told conflicting stories of how the girl was injured to medical personnel and police officers. Officials said the girl’s injuries did not match up with the parents’ stories.

Rivera was transferred to the Oklahoma County jail after Beletzuy died and is facing first-degree murder charges. He is being treated as an adult.

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