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Revocation Hearings & Sentence Modifications

If a petition has been filed to revoke your probated sentence, you are facing the possibility of losing your freedoms. Courts hold that a probated sentence is an act of judicial grace and therefore retain the right to revoke it at any time should they feel it is appropriate.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight for your rights and have good representation. In order for a revocation of the suspended sentence to be granted, the district attorney must file a petition setting forth the grounds for revocation and must have competent evidence justifying the revocation of the sentence. Furthermore, it must be filed within the time frame of the original sentence in order to be considered and a judge must agree with what is presented. A hearing must be held within 20 days after a plea is entered unless it is waived by both the state and the¬†defendant.

You need the best team on your side, fighting for your constitutional rights. With combined experience of more than three decades, and experience as both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, we have the resources and expertise to help you.

If you are facing a revocation of your suspended sentence, there is no time to lose. Contact the law offices of Chavers & Guhl so we can get to work for you!

Revocation of Suspended Sentence – OK