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OKC Criminal Defense Attorneys & Counselors
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Extortion Defense Attorney

Extortion Defense Attorney In OKC, Midwest City, Edmond, Norman & Surrounding Areas!

What Is Extortion?

Extortion is threatening to do something, oftentimes disclose something of a personal or embarrassing nature, if someone doesn’t act in a certain way. Some extortionists threaten bodily harm as well. Extortion is similar to bribery, but bribery is oftentimes considered a less serious offense.

Potential Punishment For Extortion Charges?

A conviction of extortion can be punishable by imprisonment up to five years while an attempted extortion can be punished with imprisonment of up to two years.

Extortion Defense Attorneys In Oklahoma City, OK - Chavers & Guhl Law Firm

If you or your loved one is facing extortion charges, you don’t want to wait to find a great defense team when being faced with an extortion charge. With more than 130 criminal jury trial cases under our belts and as former prosecutors, we can fight to protect your rights. Contact OKC Defense Attorneys Chavers & Guhl LLP in Oklahoma City today for an initial consultation on your extortion charges. Our Oklahoma Law Firm looks forward to defending you or your loved ones if needed.

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