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OKC Criminal Defense Attorneys & Counselors
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Illegal Possession of Weapons

It is illegal to carry many types of weapons, including all types of guns, both loaded and unloaded, knives, hand chains and metal knuckles both concealed and unconcealed.

Some exceptions:

  • For police officers on duty
  • For those hunting, fishing, using it for education or recreation
  • In a private residence or vehicle
  • To a gun shop or show
  • Hunting
  • Target shooting

It is illegal for people 18 years old and younger to receive or buy any firearm unless it is used for education, hunting or sport. It is also illegal for anyone to provide a firearm to someone who is 18 years old and younger.

Additionally, it is illegal to sell or furnish a firearm to a felon, delinquent, someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs or who is mentally unstable.
Firearms are not allowed in places such as schools and

If you are facing illegal possession of weapons charges, you may be faced with a loss of your freedoms, your life and your reputation.

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Illegal possession of weapons

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